A reinforced lightweight insulated cladding system for use on exterior walls of Residential, Industrial and Commercial buildings.

Complies with the National Construction Code & Building Code of Australia and certified compliance by CodeMark.

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GreenClad is proudly CodeMark Certified by CertMark International.

Utilising GreenClad


GreenClad is great for homes, with its strong focus on weatherproofing & thermal insulation. This results in a home that is protected from the harsh Australian climate while keeping your family warm.

Your home will also look great with the GreenClad Coating System that results with a decorative exterior wall finish.


GreenClad strong moisture resistance is a must for industrial buildings where the internal climate can potentially disrupt production.

GreenClad Direct Fix & Breathable Wall Wrap prevents the harsh weather from impacting the interior while also allowing the transmission of water vapour. This means the external face is ‘breathable’.


GreenClad has a lightweight design and strong frame ensures durability and stability. Depending on your installation application, GreenClad can be installed in a short period of time. This reduces costs & labour required need to build your office.

Using the GreenClad Coating System, this means your office building will look great and is sure to attract new business.

Why use GreenClad?

Structure Stability

Constructed from ‘M Grade’ expanded polystyrene (EPS) moulded panels along with an exterior GreenClad coating system ensure Structural Stability.

Thermal Insulation

The GreenClad system offers an ‘R’ rating of 3.11 thermal resistance. Far exceeding the minimum insulation level as set in the Australian Building Code.


Paired with Breathable Wall Wrap (sarking) The GreenClad system provides a water resistant house whilst also allowing the transmission of water vapor, this ensures your frame can breathe.

Decorative Finish

Utilising GreenClad Render & Acrylic Texture leave a great looking external wall that is durable and offers impeccable value and performance.

Certified & Compliant

GreenClad is CodeMark Certified. GreenClad also complies with the National Construction Code & the Building Code of Australia.

Great Warranty

Painttex warrants that the GreenClad system is free from defects for a period of seven years from the date of application. See manual for more information.

GreenClad Explained


Breathable Build Wall Wrap


GreenClad EPS Panel




GreenClad Render 1st Coat


GreenClad Render 2nd Coat


GreenClad Texture WP Coat (or approved Acrylic Texture Coat)


GreenClad Panel (If Elected for Pre-Built Installation)

Two Options Avalaible

GreenClad Direct Fix System has two-panel options;
  1. Virgin EPS Panel, where the foam is fully meshed and coated with 2 coats of Painttex DryPatch and top coated with Painttex MarbleFinish (texture) in the color of your choice
  2. Pre-Rendered EPS Panel, where the panels are factory 1st coated reducing the work for the applicator on site.
Regardless of which option you decide, GreenClad offers:
  • Great Value & Efficiency
  • Excellent Warranty & Support
  • Structure Stability While Remaining Light Weight
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Weatherproofing & Great Energy Efficiency
  • Designer Exterior Finish

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GreenClad Cladding System is easy to install. Its lightweight, rigid construction enables it to be easily transported, unloaded and manoeuvred onto any building site.

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GreenClad Manual

Technical Specifications & Installation Manual for GreenClad Insulated Facade System

GreenClad CodeMark

Certificate of Conformity by CodeMark for GreenClad Insulated Facade System

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